Whether you are looking for a trophy property, something full-family functional, or maintenance on an existing residential or commercial landscaping investment; New England Landscape & Management, Inc. will deliver you an outdoor living space to be proud of.


Need Storm Damage Cleanup?

Let New England Landscape & Management, Inc. remove your tree debris! We can remove stumps, brush and large lengths of coarse wood.

As needed, our professional teams utilize heavy equipment such as excavator front-loaders with grapples and dump trucks & trailers- We are prepared for any size job.

New England Landscape & Management, Inc. provides a full spectrum of services for commercial and residential properties to help you make your best first impression.

Let us help you design, build and maintain your hardscapes and landscaping. You’ll be glad you did.

Property Care

Our goal is to partner and work together with our customers to meet their goals and expectations. We bring 35 years of turf management and property care experience to every property we maintain. It is important to us to maintain the overall health of the property while working within our client’s budget. Every property big or small, gains the greatest success with understanding and communication to achieve desired goals.

Masonry Design & Build

We create stonework that leaves a permanent mark on your property that will pass the test of time. All of our masonry is expertly installed and we work with our clients to meet budgets and expectations. Our masonry work runs the entire spectrum from structural, to art form. We work with all types of stone materials and methods to create a lasting impression set in stone.

Landscape Construction

Our 35 years of experience has enables us to be creative and innovative in designing and building landscapes. As well as our own designs, we have worked with wonderful landscape professionals to create incredible outdoor spaces. We truly enjoy the experience of the client; seeing the pure excitement that is created by a job well done!


Over our 35 year history we have had the opportunity to be part of many large scale projects;  from installing roof-top gardens using large cranes over the R&D lab for Boehringer Ingelheim, to creating a large water retention area on a residential landscape.  We have the ability to move very large trees with methodical preparation and approach for the final planted location of the tree.  We are knowledgeable of the permitting process that needs to take place for many of these projects to make them possible.